Sharon Taylor was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She first realized her passion for acting during her high school years and loved performing in all the school plays. She later received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre from Simon Fraser University. She worked extensively in theatre for many years before making the leap to TV and film in 2006. Her first professional role was in the TV movie To Have and To Hold and other roles then followed. She credits acclaimed acting teacher Warren Robertson for mentoring her growth as an actor and helping her realize her goals.

Sharon still has a love for the theatre. She loves the energy of the audience, the camaraderie between the actors, and also how the show changes from night to night. She previously had her own theatre company called Shifting Point Theatre, which she shared with 3 other university friends, and together they wrote, produced and directed professional theatre shows throughout Vancouver.

When Sharon is not performing on the stage or working on set, she can often be found in the martial arts studio where she trains numerous times throughout the week. Sharon has trained in martial arts for over 15 years and has her second degree black belt in karate kickboxing.

After landing the role of Amelia Banks on Stargate: Atlantis, Sharon was talking with producer/writer Joseph Mallozzi while on set one day and she mentioned that she was a black belt kickboxer. The show executives decided to put her kickboxing skills to work, and soon afterwards Amelia Banks was fighting off an evil hybrid wraith in the episode “The Prodigal”. Sharon appeared in 12 episodes of Stargate: Atlantis.

Sharon is also known for her role as the kryptonian Faora in season 9 of Smallville and as the evil Empress Amara in the acclaimed web-series Riese. She has since worked on many other different TV shows and movies.


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